Estimating root zone soil moisture across the Eastern United States with passive microwave satellite data and a simple hydrologic model
6 September 2019
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19 October 2019

Repository of videos for image velocimetry: Towards harmonization of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observations

Since the turn of the 21st Century, image based velocimetry techniques have become an increasingly popular approach for determining open-channel flow in a range of hydrological settings across Europe, and beyond. Simultaneously, a range of large-scale image velocimetry algorithms have been developed, equipped with differing image pre-processing, and analytical capabilities. Yet in operational hydrometry, these techniques are utilised by few competent authorities. Therefore, imagery collected for image velocimetry analysis, along with validation data is required both to enable inter-comparisons between these differing approaches and to test their overall efficacy. Through benchmarking exercises, it will be possible to assess which approaches are best suited for a range of fluvial settings, and to focus future software developments. Here we collate, and describe datasets acquired from six countries across Europe and Asia, consisting of videos that have been subjected to a range of pre-processing, and image velocimetry analysis.We present both the raw footage and processed imagery along with information about the processing parameters used. Validation data is available for 12 of the 13 case studies presented enabling these data to be used for validation and accuracy assessment.

How to cite: Perks, M. T., Dal Sasso, S. F., Hauet, A., Le Coz, J., Pearce, S., Peña-Haro, S., Tauro, F., Grimaldi, S., Hortobágyi, B., Jodeau, M., Maddock, I., Pénard, L., and Manfreda, S.: Towards harmonization of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observations, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,, in review, 2019.

Salvatore Manfreda
Author: Salvatore Manfreda

Salvatore Manfreda is Full Professor of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Constructions at the University of Naples Federico II. He is currently the Chair of the COST Action HARMONIOUS and the Scientific Coordinator of the Research Grant aimed at the Development of the Flood Forecasting System of the Basilicata Region Civil Protection. He has broad interest on distributed modeling, flood risk, stochastic processes in hydrology and UAS-based monitoring. homepage: