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17 February 2023

The New Book of the Harmonious – COST Action

The New Book of the Harmonious – COST Action 

The book “Unmanned Aerial Systems for Monitoring Soil, Vegetation, and Riverine Environments” is the result of five years of intense activities carried out within the context of the COST Action HARMONIOUS (CA16219). The Action stimulated the participation of more than 200 researchers and technicians from 36 European and non-European countries with the intention is to promote monitoring strategies, establish harmonized monitoring practices, and transfer most recent advances on UAS methodologies to others within a global network.

The aim of the book is to share the experience gained within the HARMONIOUS COST Action providing clear guidelines for all of those that are willing to approach the use of UAS to enhance the description of soil-water-plant processes. The book includes guidelines, technical advices, and practical experiences to support researchers, instructors, and practitioners in increasing monitoring efficiency with the help of UAS.

Key Features 

  • Provides a comprehensive review of UAS advancements and technical issues enabling readers focus on how and what technology fits their scientific questions
  • Introduces specific applications and methods that will help readers to understand the benefits and threats within the field
  • Offers guidelines, technical advices and practical examples to support practitioners and researchers

From today both e-book and paperback versions can be ordered online!!!

List of Authors: Salvatore Manfreda, Eyal Ben-DorSorin Herban, Goran Tmušić, Antonino Maltese, Anna Brook, Gil Gonçalves, Jana Müllerová, Martin Mokroš, Sander Mucher, Gernot Paulus, Tomáš Bartaloš, Xurxo Gago, Rafi Kent, Adrien Michez, Kasper Johansen, Matthew McCabe, Nunzio Romano, Brigitta Szabò, Antonella Belmonte, Annamaria Castrignanò, Nicolas Francos Dueñas, Paolo NastaRuodan ZhuangYijian Zeng, Zhongbo Su, George P. PetropoulosSalvador Peña-Haro, Robert Ljubicic, Dariia Strelnikova, Matthew T. Perks, Silvano F. Dal Sasso, Alonso PizarroLászló Bertalan, Anette Eltner, Ian Maddock, Giuseppe Ciraolo, Flavia Tauro.

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