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DronePilot – Building the Next-Generation Workforce for the UAS Industry in Austria and Beyond
6 June 2023
Ensemble of optimised machine learning algorithms for predicting surface soil moisture content at global scale
8 June 2023

The New Book of the Harmonious – COST Action

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental monitoring, a remarkable new book has emerged, shedding light on the groundbreaking advancements in the realm of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Titled “Unmanned Aerial Systems for Monitoring Soil, Vegetation, and Riverine Environments,” this comprehensive volume unveils the immense potential of UAS technology in revolutionizing our understanding of the natural world.

Edited by a team of distinguished experts, this book serves as a catalyst for embracing the transformative power of UAS in environmental monitoring. It offers a captivating journey into the world of UAS applications, focusing specifically on their role in monitoring soil characteristics, vegetation dynamics, and riverine environments. As the scientific community increasingly recognizes the invaluable insights offered by UAS, this book serves as a cornerstone for both senior researchers and budding enthusiasts seeking to delve into this exciting field.

The book provides a rich tapestry of innovative studies and applications, presenting readers with a comprehensive overview of the latest research and advancements. By harnessing the unparalleled spatio-temporal resolutions offered by UAS, scientists and practitioners are now equipped with powerful tools to better comprehend the intricate dynamics of soil ecosystems, vegetation patterns, and river systems.

While the publication of this book represents a significant milestone, it also acknowledges the dynamic nature of UAS technology. The field is rapidly evolving, and as such, it is essential for readers to remain informed about the latest developments beyond the book’s pages.

The book not only highlights the remarkable progress made in UAS technology but also provides practical guidance, technical advice, and insightful experiences. It equips practitioners and scientists with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance their monitoring practices, thereby driving efficiency and accuracy in environmental assessments.

This book stands as a testament to the tireless efforts and collective expertise of the contributing authors, who have brought together their diverse perspectives and research to create a comprehensive resource. Their work will undoubtedly inspire future generations of researchers, fostering a deeper understanding of our natural world and empowering us to make informed decisions for the sustainable management of our precious ecosystems.

As we embark on this extraordinary journey through the pages of “Unmanned Aerial Systems for Monitoring Soil, Vegetation, and Riverine Environments”, we embrace a future where UAS technology will continue to shape and redefine the boundaries of environmental monitoring. Together, let us seize the opportunities presented by these remarkable aerial platforms and unlock a new era of scientific discovery.

Prepare to be captivated, informed, and inspired as you immerse yourself in the pages of this groundbreaking book. Welcome to the realm of UAS-powered environmental monitoring, where the possibilities are endless.

Key Features 

  • Provides a comprehensive review of UAS advancements and technical issues enabling readers focus on how and what technology fits their scientific questions
  • Introduces specific applications and methods that will help readers to understand the benefits and threats within the field
  • Offers guidelines, technical advices and practical examples to support practitioners and researchers

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List of Authors: Salvatore Manfreda, Eyal Ben-DorSorin Herban, Goran Tmušić, Antonino Maltese, Anna Brook, Gil Gonçalves, Jana Müllerová, Martin Mokroš, Sander Mucher, Gernot Paulus, Tomáš Bartaloš, Xurxo Gago, Rafi Kent, Adrien Michez, Kasper Johansen, Matthew McCabe, Nunzio Romano, Brigitta Szabò, Antonella Belmonte, Annamaria Castrignanò, Nicolas Francos Dueñas, Paolo NastaRuodan ZhuangYijian Zeng, Zhongbo Su, George P. PetropoulosSalvador Peña-Haro, Robert Ljubicic, Dariia Strelnikova, Matthew T. Perks, Silvano F. Dal Sasso, Alonso PizarroLászló Bertalan, Anette Eltner, Ian Maddock, Giuseppe Ciraolo, Flavia Tauro.


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