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STSM are assigned to researches that carry out activities planned by the WGs.  Only activities along the lines of the WG plans will be taken into consideration. Candidates should coordinate their requests with WG leaders or the Action Chair.

STSM Awarded

  1. Stochastic investigation of the stream flow process to improve monitoring techniques – P. Dimitriadis – from Greece
  2. Exploring different procedures and methods to improve 3D reconstruction with SfM – S. Manfreda – from Italy
  3. Use of Thermal, multispectral and RGB imagery on UAS to screen for drought responses in different genotypes of wheat and potatoes – J. Svensgaard – from Denmark
  4. Flight planning and GCP’s distribution A case study of Basento river, Potenza, Italy – G. Tmusic – from Serbia
  5. Evaluating different image-velocimetry algorithms – S. Pearce – from United Kingdom
  6. Flood ExtReme velOCity Estimations (FEROCE) – A. Pizarro – from United Kingdom
  7. Spatio-temporal heterogeneity in vegetation – J. Mullerova – from Czech Republic
  8. PIV and PTV model benchmarking for low flow conditions using ADCP data  – R. Ljubičić – from Serbia
  9. Investigation on stabilization algorithms for UAS velocimetry  – R. Ljubičić – from Serbia
  10. A comparative study of different approaches to retrieve soil moisture and evaporative fluxes from UAV data – G. Petropoulos – from Greece
  11. Glossary for UAS users – Y. Smidov – from Israel
  12. Protocols for UAS-based observation – G. Tmusic – from Serbia
  13. Implementation of Switched Activation Functions-Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification and Feature Selection on Forest Images – Haci Mehmet Guzey from Turkey
  14. Develop an understanding of soil erosion and rill/gully volume estimations using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – Josie Lynch from UK
  15. Construction of video series to promote the scienctific activities of the COST Action HARMONIOUS – László Bertalan from Hungary
  16. Comparison of different UAS-based soil moisture estimation methods – Angelika Pataki from Hungary
  17. Guidelines for environmental monitoring using UAS – Teresa Pizzolla from Italy
  18. Optimization of the parameters in random forest algorithm and results interpretation – Ruodan Zhuang from Italy
  19. Two-week scientific visit at the Freiburg University – Carolina Allocca from Italy
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