15 January 2021

Most cited paper of Remote Sensing

The review “On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring” by HARMONIOUS Team is the most cited paper of Remote Sensing MDPI in the […]
7 January 2021

HS1.1.2: Advances in river monitoring and modelling for a climate emergency

Co-organized by GI4/GM2/NH1 Convener: Nick Everard | Co-conveners: Silvano Fortunato Dal Sasso, Alexandre Hauet, Alonso Pizarro Abstract submission Water is our planet’s most vital resource, and the primary agent in some of […]
24 December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

We would like to wish the merriest of Christmas to all Harmonious members and friends, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. […]
10 December 2020


We are promoting a new research topic entitled Advances in Hydrological Monitoring with Unmanned Aerial Systems in Frontiers in Remote Sensing. FRONTIERS IN REMOTE SENSING Abstract […]
3 December 2020

COST HARMONIOUS UAV: Three Success Stories

We interviewed three students, three ladies, and asked them to tell us about their experience at the Cost Harmonious International Training Course and their relationship with […]
3 December 2020

New EGU-blog on the research activities in Alento

The Alento Hydrological observatory in southern Italy is a unique hotspot in the middle of the Mediterranean Region. This observatory can be considered an open-air laboratory […]
8 November 2020

Remote Sensing workshop

Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA) and Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry at University of Padova invites you to attend the following FREE online […]
6 November 2020

Advances in Image Velocimetry for Sensing River Flows

This Research Topic seeks to publish articles that demonstrate the utility of image velocimetry techniques for sensing the fluvial environment; that advance the development of image-based […]
6 November 2020

Special Issue “Global Gridded Soil Information Based on Machine Learning”

We would like to remind that Harmonious is running a special issue on Remote Sensing entitled “Global Gridded Soil Information Based on Machine Learning”. Remote Sensing is […]