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14 August 2022

UAV-based multispectral and thermal cameras to predict soil water content – A machine learning approach

Several new activities have been stimulated by the work within the Harmonious COST Action. An example is represented by the recent work by László Bertalan et al. (2022) […]
9 August 2022

VISION: VIdeo StabilisatION using automatic features selection for image velocimetry analysis in rivers

VISION is open-source software written in MATLAB for video stabilisation using automatic features detection. It can be applied for any use, but it has been developed […]
29 July 2022

Total Carbon Content Assessed by UAS Near-Infrared Imagery as a New Fire Severity Metric

The ash produced by forest fires is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic particles with many properties. Amounts of ash and char are used to […]
2 December 2021

In Situ Observation-Constrained Global Surface Soil Moisture Using Random Forest Model

The inherent biases of different long-term gridded surface soil moisture (SSM) products, unconstrained by the in situ observations, implies different spatio-temporal patterns. In this study, the […]
23 September 2021

A comparison of tools and techniques for stabilising unmanned aerial system (UAS) imagery for surface flow observations

While the availability and affordability of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) has led to the rapid development of remote sensing applications in hydrology and hydrometry, uncertainties related […]
5 September 2021

Hydro-morphological mapping of river reaches using videos captured with unoccupied aerial systems

Unoccupied aerial systems (UASs) are frequently used in the field of fluvial geomorphology due to their capabilities for observing the continuum rather than single sample points. […]
5 September 2021

Characterizing vegetation complexity with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – A framework and synthesis

Ecosystem complexity is among the important drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are becoming an important tool for characterizing vegetation patterns […]
2 July 2021

Mapping Water Infiltration Rate Using Ground and UAV Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study of Alento, Italy

Water infiltration rate (WIR) into the soil profile was investigated through a comprehensive study harnessing spectral information of the soil surface. As soil spectroscopy provides invaluable […]
10 May 2021

Increasing LSPIV performances by exploiting the seeding distribution index

Image-based approaches for surface velocity estimations are becoming increasingly popular because of the increasing need for low-cost river flow monitoring methods. In this context, seeding characteristics […]
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