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WP5: Improving Distributed Catchment-Scale Ecohydrological Models Using Spatial Information (case studies)

Lead: Félix Francés (UPV)

Participate: Uni. Twente, Uni. Naples, Uni. Basilicata, Uni. Twente, CAR-HAS, TAU

The aim of this WP is closing water cycle gaps by improving hydrological model implementations using spatial information. The calibration of a hydrological model has traditionally only relied on the temporal variation of the discharge at the catchment outlet. But discharge provides only limited insight on the spatial behavior of the catchment (Conradt et al., 2013 HESS). The development of distributed hydrological models and the availability of spatio-temporal data (WP1-3) appear as key alternative to overcome those limitations and can facilitate a spatial-pattern-oriented model calibration (Ruiz-Pérez et al., 2017 HESS). This WP will advance how to effectively handle spatio-temporal data when included in model calibration and how to evaluate the accuracy of the simulated spatial patterns. Numerical experiments will be conducted for calibration of a parsimonious distributed ecohydrological daily model in ungauged basins using exclusively spatio-temporal information obtained from WP1 and other remotely sensed information, so as to bridge the scales from plant to plot, subcatchment, and catchment/basin respectively with the representative size of 1-10 m2 to 50-500 m2, 1-10 km2, and >100 km2, as derived by means of TDR observations, to cosmic ray/drone observations, drone/satellite, and satellite observations, respectively. Findings will be implemented in the iAqueduct toolbox and easily tested at other sites.



D5.1. Spatial-pattern-oriented model calibration (month 16-18);

D5.2. Multiscale parsimonious distributed ecohydrological model to bridge the scales from plant to plot, subcatchment, and catchment/basin respectively (month 22-24);


Implementation Plan:

(to be updated)

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