New Insights Offered by UAS for River Monitoring
27 October 2019
General Assembly of HARMONIOUS COST Action
31 October 2019

Call for abstract on Advances in River Monitoring and Modelling – HS1.1.4 EGU2020

we kindly invite you to submit an abstract to our session on Advances in River Monitoring and Modelling within the EGU General Assembly 2020 (3 – 8 May 2020). The deadline for abstract submission is on 15 January 2020 (13:00 CET):

This session is sponsored by the HARMONIOUS COST Action ( and focuses on:

1)           The use of remote sensing approaches for hydrological and morphological monitoring;
2)           Real-time acquisition of hydrological variables;
3)           Strategies to quantify and describe hydro-morphological evolution of rivers;
4)           New methods to cope with data-scarce environments;
5)           Innovative methodologies for measuring/modelling/estimating river stream flows;
6)           Inter-comparison of innovative and classical models and approaches;
7)           Quantification of uncertainties; and,
8)           Guidelines for hydro-morphological streamflow monitoring.