Flood ExtReme velOCity Estimations (FEROCE): Seeding metrics to image-velocimetry performances
4 June 2020
e-Meeting WG2
19 June 2020

e-Meeting WG3


  • Yijian Zeng: Current WG3 progress (c.a. 5mins)
  • Antonino Maltese: Thermal Inertia – Essential steps (15mins, 10mins presentation + 5mins discussion)
  • George Petropoulos: Trapezoid Method – Essential Steps (15mins, idem)
  • Monica Garcia: UAS Land Surface Energy, Water and Carbon Fluxes – Essential Steps (15mins, idem)
  • Eyal Ben Dor: Spectral-based Model for Clay Content (15mins, idem)
  • Brigitta Szabó: Machine Learning for PTF (15mins, idem)
  • Ruodan Zhuang: Random Forest + UAS for downscaling Satellite SM (15mins, idem)

Meeting Organized by Dr. Yijian Zeng

Salvatore Manfreda
Author: Salvatore Manfreda

Salvatore Manfreda is Full Professor of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Constructions at the University of Naples Federico II. He is currently the Chair of the COST Action HARMONIOUS and the Scientific Coordinator of the Research Grant aimed at the Development of the Flood Forecasting System of the Basilicata Region Civil Protection. He has broad interest on distributed modeling, flood risk, stochastic processes in hydrology and UAS-based monitoring. homepage: https://www.salvatoremanfreda.it/