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Flood ExtReme velOCity Estimations (FEROCE): Seeding metrics to image-velocimetry performances
4 June 2020
e-Meeting WG2
19 June 2020

e-Meeting WG3


  • Yijian Zeng: Current WG3 progress (c.a. 5mins)
  • Antonino Maltese: Thermal Inertia – Essential steps (15mins, 10mins presentation + 5mins discussion)
  • George Petropoulos: Trapezoid Method – Essential Steps (15mins, idem)
  • Monica Garcia: UAS Land Surface Energy, Water and Carbon Fluxes – Essential Steps (15mins, idem)
  • Eyal Ben Dor: Spectral-based Model for Clay Content (15mins, idem)
  • Brigitta Szabó: Machine Learning for PTF (15mins, idem)
  • Ruodan Zhuang: Random Forest + UAS for downscaling Satellite SM (15mins, idem)

Meeting Organized by Dr. Yijian Zeng

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