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6 September 2019

Estimating root zone soil moisture across the Eastern United States with passive microwave satellite data and a simple hydrologic model

Root zone soil moisture (RZSM) affects many natural processes and is an important component of environmental modeling, but it is expensive and challenging to monitor for […]
20 August 2019

A geostatistical approach to map near-surface soil moisture through hyper-spatial resolution thermal inertia

Several methods have been developed to map soil water content exploiting data in the short and long wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Among these, thermal […]
7 March 2019

Emerging Earth Observing Platforms Offer New Insights Into Hydrological Processes

Data, and its timely delivery, presents one of the major constraints in advancing the hydrological sciences. Traditional monitoring techniques are time consuming, expensive, and discontinuous in […]
1 January 2019

Comparison of thermal, salt and dye tracing to estimate shallow flow velocities: Novel triple-tracer approach

The accurate measurement of shallow flow velocities is crucial to understand and model the dynamics of sediment and pollutant transport by overland flow. In this study, a novel triple-tracer […]
21 December 2018

Combining a thermal tracer with a transport model to estimate shallow flow velocities

For a long time, tracer techniques based on dyes, salts and more recently heat have been used to estimate shallow flow velocities. Traditionally, flow velocity estimation […]
21 October 2018

Laboratory testing of a new thermal tracer for infrared-based PTV technique for shallow overland flows

The accurate measurement of velocities of shallow overland flows normally found in the field of hydrology is essential to understand the kinematics of these flows. In view of this, we have tested […]
31 July 2018

Analysing the Potential of OpenStreetMap Data to Improve the Accuracy of SRTM 30 DEM on Derived Basin Delineation, Slope, and Drainage Networks

Terrain slope and drainage networks are useful components to the basins morphometric characterization as well as to hydrologic modelling. One way to obtain the slope, drainage networks, and […]
11 June 2018

Exploring the optimal experimental setup for surface flow velocity measurements using PTV

Advances in flow monitoring are crucial to increase our knowledge on basin hydrology and to understand the interactions between flow dynamics and infrastructures. In this context, […]
1 February 2018

Assessing soil water repellency spatial variability using a thermographic technique: An exploratory study using a small-scale laboratory soil flume

This exploratory study presents a technique to assess soil water repellency (SWR) spatial variability based on infrared thermography. Small-scale laboratory tests were carried out using a […]
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